Tofu store project
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Wrote by Buburra in Quick Chops, 15 May 2023, 8:23 PM
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Well, I’m in this shit (instagram) right now. Starting. I down the quality of my drawings to make it reasonable price commissions. There are works of 2h work maximum. By moment is still starting, few interested people but only 2 or 3 really interested. I recommend you see on instagram becouse the music help to full enjoy

[Image: dfx4cpe-0f25cf37-59ac-4c42-a93b-8ae5569e...DiMTILKWxI]

[Image: dfx4ccm-2553e0b5-6c14-48c7-82ba-84bdaa2e...eMPH9F0L4Q]

[Image: dfx4cdx-6b9ac5d3-0ba0-4130-8ad1-aebb6ee5...ShoJy-anUs]


2D Pro
Why weren't comics animated in my day? Very nice Smile - Yes, We Can!
Nice ,climate work

[Image: def5ab572c3dd395gen.png]

2D Elite
Nice work, especially with the effects. The cars themself look bit bare, but understandable and still level of detail for few hour work is really good.

Hope it all goes well Smile

I like the 'rarri very much, nice job!

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