Lancia Delta s4 Rally 1986
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nordic man
Wrote by nordic man in Elite Choppers, 01 Apr 2024, 11:04 AM

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Hi all!

Here is my new digital drawing. It is aiming to be a replica of the Lancia Markku Alen drove in 1986 1000 Lakes Rally.

The base car and all of the used resource photos are self taken, with quite a lot of work to make them fit.

All the trademarks and copyrighted logos etc. are property of their respective owners.


[Image: 53623679621_5dd12e4f66_c.jpg]4S2T1359_org by matpelk, on Flickr


[Image: 53624842818_d5d1e718e0_k.jpg]4S2T1359-fin_2048pix by matpelk, on Flickr

Very impressive! Very well done work! Very Nice.
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